Session Starts SOON! 

Dear fellow patriot,

Legislators return to Columbia for the first day of session in just a few weeks.

And the fate of our Second Amendment rights hangs in the balance.

Last year, Palmetto Gun Rights and our members forced TWO Constitutional Carry bills onto the Senate calendar for the first time in state history.

But without a tidal wave of pressure from gun owners, the political class will be happy to KILL this important, pro-gun legislation without even a vote.

So please, sign your Constitutional Carry petition right now and consider whatever generous gift you can afford to help us DOUBLE DOWN on anti-gun politicians this year!

Anti-gun “Republicans” like Senators Luke Rankin and Shane Massey are fighting tooth-and-nail to uphold the gun control status quo in Columbia.

As it stands, if you want to arm yourself in public, you must first jump through a plethora of government hoops, take mandatory state educational programs, and be finger-printed like a common criminal.

All this to exercise your Constitutional right to self-defense.

Sadly, the political class also believes that if you decide to arm yourself without first seeking government permission and waiting through a 90-day waiting period, you should be thrown in jail for up to a year and face up to a $1,000 fine.

This is immoral.

What’s worse is that South Carolina is virtually the ONLY Republican controlled state that hasn’t passed this pro-gun legislation.

In fact, most of the country, a whopping TWENTY-SEVEN states have wised up and restored the rights of law abiding gun owners.

With Constitutional Carry already passed in the House and just waiting for passage on the Senate floor, I need an overwhelming force to push this across the finish line.

You can help do just that by signing your Constitutional Carry petition right now and demanding your lawmaker pass this important legislation.

As you can imagine it’s been quite a battle getting this far.

This past year, Palmetto Gun Rights and our members deployed over 30,000 mailers, nearly 20,000 text messages, hundreds of thousands of emails, and a plethora of hard-hitting social media campaigns.

This effort set Columbia ablaze with accountability and sent anti-gun politicians scrambling for cover.

All they could do was delay the inevitable.

Fortunately, they’ve delayed this fight right into the middle of an election year when they’re most vulnerable to political pressure.

However, deploying emails, mailers, texts, and social media campaigns costs significant resources.

Without your help, I can’t rail against the establishment as hard as they deserve.

And if we can’t mobilize the gun owners necessary to crank up the heat, anti-gun lawmakers could easily let Constitutional Carry die a slow death on the Senate floor.

That’s why I’m asking for every gun owner to dig deep and contribute $90 to our cause.

I know for some that may be too much and if so, please consider $60.

With victory so close, I need all hands on deck.

We cannot pass up this golden opportunity while legislators head into the election season when they’re most vulnerable.

You can be a part of this movement for a donation of $30 or even just $10.

No matter what you can give, please know I appreciate your dedication to this battle.

We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finally making South Carolina the 27th Constitutional Carry state.

Together we will do what cannot be done alone.

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