SC GOP Senate Throws Gun Owners Under the Bus

Dear fellow patriot,


From the get go, it was obvious Senate Republicans wanted to wash their hands of gun owners as quickly as possible.

Shortly after gaveling in, the Senate brought up Constitutional Carry bill H. 3594 to vote for concurrence or drag the bill into another closed-door meeting so they could load it down with more gun control.

Sadly, but not surprisingly Senate Republicans opted to pull this important issue into the shadows of a conference committee where they get to meddle with it yet again.

Click HERE to send a pre-written message to your Senator demanding they stop siding with the political class and start fighting for the gun owners who elected them in the first place!

Anti-gun Senator Shane Massey made a motion requesting unanimous consent to non-concur with the House’s clean bill (which would send it to conference committee).

Unanimous consent means that every member must agree to the motion.

And if any one Senator objects to this motion it forces a roll call vote on it – allowing gun owners to know where every senator stands on passing a clean constitutional carry bill.

That vote would have exposed their weakest members, leveraging them to go on record for clean passage.

This is something Senate leadership wants to keep completely hidden from you.

Sadly… not ONE Republican stood up to force a roll call vote. Not ONE.

Even pro-gun champions sat completely silent as the political class circled the wagons to protect the weakest members of their caucus from scrutiny.

Therefore, if your Senator is a Republican, they were all complicit with leadership’s plans to not only drag Constitutional Carry behind closed doors but hide the votes of the most anti-gun members of their chamber.

This is shameful behavior and must be addressed.

Click HERE to email your Senator and demand they stop siding with anti-gun politicians in Columbia and start standing up the gun owners that elected them to office in the first place.

The political price to pay for these misdeeds must be substantial.

Even though the fight for Constitutional Carry goes to the conference committee, we are still looking ahead to the election season.

And believe us, there’s more than enough accountability to be handed out.

That’s why we’re asking for your help to light a fire under those who stood and continue to stand in our way for years on end.

The Senate only comes up for election once every 4 years and it is crucial we take advantage of this opportunity.

So please, consider a generous donation of $100, $50, or even just $25 to help EXPOSE anti-gun politicians when they’re most vulnerable and begging for votes.

If we don’t strike political fear into the hearts of anti-gun lawmakers this primary season, all our pressure could be for nothing.

So, no matter what you can give, please know that we appreciate your undying dedication to this battle.

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